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Tikkun Olam! Here you will find the writings of Israelite Johan Ridderstedt.

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The Scientific Religion of the Eternal Law of Love - New World Religion

I wrote this a while ago, so it is one of my oldest books. Much of the content can be found elsewhere. This reloveutionary book is more intended for the general public, and will appeal to every religion, and not only the Christian. It first lies philosophical, and scientific proof on intelligent design, and then discovers the concepts of love, and light as a code, and the circle of life. The goal was a belief in what is logically, and scientifically divine, and I think I did a great job. It`s divided into three parts. 1 Proof of God. 2 Gnostic Christianity, and Love-Light philosophy. 3 The sexual revolution.

The People`s Army`s Red Revolution

What the needs is for the populace of a pioneering nation like Norway to push for nano-age reformations in the branches of physics, pharma, psychology, etc and also politics and religion.

That is the task given to Norway, or a pioneering, industrialized nation.

The result will be free technology for all; when the Illuminati, and fallen Jews are dealt with. There is need for revolution because

1. The elite is Satanic.

2. They hide technology from us.


Abrahamic Watchdog

Christianity has become liberal, and Jesus has been replaced by Paul, and ¨do what you want!¨ There is no watchdog watching the watchers! 

Conservative Christians, Muslims, and Jews should unite in a peaceful campaign of media-awareness, and exposure of satanism that fourishes in the west!

Christians used to BURN witches! It is time for a new Inquisition! 

Satanism is NOT ok, and has NO place in an Abrahamic world.

Start an inter-religious abrahamic organization as a watchdog against satanism; child-abuse, ritual-abuse, satanic sacrifice, pedophilia, conspiracy etc. I am inter-religious myself; pro all abrahamic religions. I have no religious stance, but believe in God. I would love to see a peaceful Jihad awareness campaign against the conspiracy-reality-corruption in the west, and believe we could create a golden-age of the people. I am particularily against gangstalking, DEW, voodoo, the OTO, satanism in the police, hospitals and PST. Satanists must be purged. They would worship the Creator; if they were more informed. We will inform them! A website must be created! I will make one. Peace and love!



Allah? I am not a Muslim, and will fight for the freedom of humanistic rights for women, gays, and adulterers. I am strictly against Sharia-Islam, but I have nothing against Muslims. I will try to make Christians realize that their Allah is the same as the Biblical God, although they`ve got most of it wrong.

All Abrahamic religions worship the same God. This is about uniting ALL Earth, humanists and the religious, to fight for our rights against the Illuminati poison that has seeped into all society. The Illuminati technocracy NWO police-state. 

We will unite through my common humanistic morale of love.

The real names for the Jewish God used in the Bible is primarily Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, YHWH, Elohim, Eloah (Allah) , and Adonai. These are all in the Bible. Yes. Allah is in the Bible. We will discover all these now at the end.

As Allah can mean Goddess in hindu Sanskrit, and also because the word is similar to the Sanskrit word om, some Christians have said Allah comes from Sanskrit, which there is no scholarly, or historical evidence of. Allah means God, and Om is the emnation of the universe, and the sound of the source field. Former radio-host Bill Jenkins also say Great Pyramid of Giza was also built as a resonator through chanting the name ¨om¨ in the Kings Chamber.

There is no reason to believe Allah is not the Arabic form of the ancient aramaic, and proper word for God. Allah is in fact a more proper word for God than ¨God¨, which comes from Germanic Odin worship, or from the God ¨Gad¨ of the city Gad. Written G-d in Hebrew.

Most Christian Muslims use the name Allah for the Christian God. Why? Because Allah comes from, and originally came from the term Al-Ilah which simply translates to nothing more than ¨the God¨ even when Muhammad walked the Earth.

Wikipedia has this to say about Allah: ʾIlāh (Arabic: إله‎; plural: آلهة ʾālihah) is an Arabic term meaning "deity" or "god". The feminine is ʾilāhah (إلاهة, meaning "goddess"); with the article, it appears as al-ʾilāhah الإلاهة. It appears in the name of the monotheistic god of Islam as al-Lāh, translated, that is, "the god".

Moreover: Elahi/Eloi is the word Jesus used for God, and means ¨my God¨ in aramaic, whereas Elah means ¨God¨. The Greek new testament otherwise use the word ¨Kyrie¨ for God. The word becomes pronounced ¨Alloh¨ according to some muslim-friendly jews, but hebrew dictionary says it`s pronounced ¨el-aw¨ today. It still sounds similar to Allah though, and shares the same linguistic root. Also: Elohim in singular form is Eloah, meaning strong one in Hebrew. Eloah is pronounced Allah or Alloh in Hebrew, and is a Biblical term used both for pagan Gods, but mostly the God of Israel. Some argue Muslims only worship one of the aspects of our jewish God as God is not only Allah, but Yahweh Elohim, or Yah-Allah as has become so popular. They worship an aspect of the Greater Deity. I worship Yahweh Elohim. Not Allah. But there is nothing wrong in it.


There is no reason we should not unite................ 


My thoughts on the Judeo-Christian God


I believe God to be the all, the seven, the three, and one person: God the father. How can jews argue against us for being polytheists when they themselves have ideas like ¨God is all¨, and the ¨shekinah¨ - where all are a part of God! That was what Jesus meant when he said he is God`s son!


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh is a name of God in the Bible, and the first time God in singular reveals himself by name to Moses at the burning bush. It´s translated into “I am that I am”, or more often “I am”. 


It is also the highest name of God in the kabbalah. Google up Kether. It says Ehyeh. The jews have several names for God, all in it´s own right, and order, as you see in the sephiroth. God is too big to be under one name, as he is omnipotent, and omnipresent.


Ehyeh = I am. Asher is not Marduk or Ashur, but Ashera, the queen of Heaven. In other words, THAT, is referring to the universe we are inside of. The I Am that I AM is the life within the THAT, which is female (shekinah). What it really says is:


1) GOD, the first I AM

2) That, Material Universe, space, akasha

3) Second I AM, all Creations, God within Creations (The body is the Temple of the Lord) As with Yahweh. God is a human.


This also makes sense when J-hovah/hawah means J/God hawah/Eve/Goddess. YHWH stacked downwards also forms a human; as did the Temple of Solomon.


In the tetragrammaton: YHWH symbolizes all that is!




The name YHWH is utterly exceptional in many ways, including the fact that we don't know how to pronounce it (if it contains of only vowels, it may have sounded like: AAEEIIOOUU!!). The ancient Hebrew text consisted only of consonants, since the Hebrew alphabet had no written vowels. It has been long supposed that YHWH was derived from the verb that is used to make I AM, namely היה (haya), meaning to be or to become, or rather from an older, and arcaic form, and rare synonym of haya, namely הוה, hawa, hence y-hawa or yahwah. Yahwah sounds similar to haya and hawa. The y means God. Yet Hawah is the mystical name for Eve.


Yahweh Elohim


Yahweh Elohim is a singular plural! Yahweh is singular, and means ¨I am¨. Elohim is plural. Yahweh Elohim = Yahweh of the Elohim. The stars. He is the God ABOVE the Gods. The ruler of the Elohim/Stars/Archons. Another jewish word for God is Ahayah meaning ¨I am that I am.¨ The mainframe so to speak of whom ALL ¨Gods¨, and YOU are a part of! God the all. That was what Abrahamism was about in the beginning. Bringing all worship of creation towards a singular Creator. They took the Sons of El – the Elohim of ancient Canaan, and renamed them angEL`s. IsRaEl= Isis is the moon and venus. These are Elohim`s: Ra is the Sun and Jupiter. El is Saturn. I personally believe God is the God above all Gods. The Mazzaroth, as discovered by Rav Sha`Ul was the very CORE of Jewish belief: That God is God seated in the midst of the Zodiac/Mazzaroth. God of the all. As we operate with a flat Earth: we are at least certain there are 7 orbital sattelites aside from this one. God`s spirit is described as 7 flames both in the old, and new testament. That`s why we light the 7 candles of the menorah – the Jewish lampstand.


Revelation 4:5, see also 5:6. ¨And proceeding from the throne were lightnings and thunders and voices; and seven lamps of fire, which are the seven spirits of God, were burning before the throne.¨


So how can the Jews not believe in the Holy Trinity? It is an ancient concept older than Judaism. But is it true, and is it biblical? Isn`t it pagan?


In the same way that I have two hands, and one head; God is both father and son like as in f.i Hinduism. Jews often say ¨all is God¨, but cannot understand that it implies God has a son. While it would philosophically argue that he also has a daughter.


There is no proof for the trinity in the Bible however. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God, who is the mainframe of the seven fires mentioned above. Jesus is God`s son just like you are: Like how we are all part of God.


Still I believe in the shemah. ¨Hear oh Israel! God is one!¨


But that is when looking towards the beginning of the universe. Heaven. When all was, and is one in Him. Seen from an earthly perspective: There is both 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.


I am dualists in that there is God vs Evil, but see God as almighty still as his holiness is reflected in the minor being the Devil being an aspect of his righteousness. If there was no devil: God would not be just, and he would not be a Holy God. How can God be Holy if there is no evil? We see dualism throughout creation said the angler fish when he stared into his mate`s eyeball wondering why he wasn`t even made according to sacred geometry… This is the solution the the philosophical problem of evil. The reason why this world is the most perfect of all worlds; because God is perfect. How? Evil exists for God to be Holy, Judge, Good etc. It should be self-explanatory.


I worship God as one. But also worship him as 3! I believe in the Holy Trinity because it is reflected throughout creation, and is proven through intimate relationship to divine. Some people unbiblically state the Holy Ghost is a person. If something exists; even as an idea; then it`s relatively, or certainly real. F.i like mother, father and son. Or God, angels and mankind. Or source, love and light.


BUT! We are still ¨only¨ monotheists in that we only worship God the father Yahweh Elohim either through worshipping Him directly, or worshipping him through worshipping his highest son, or his Holy Ghost (spirits), or by venerating the beauty of each others and creation, for we always seek to give glory to The Creator for all things.