The science uniting all religions together!

Sex Therapy (of course)


For you crazy stalkers out there in the Lucifer Experiment. This should make you happy.


All things have a male, or female nature.


Worship of the planets, and pantheism is the most ancient of religions. But what do we know of ancient cosmology? While modern scientists think in terms of distinction, our ancient ancestors often mixed many sciences into one mythological story. They often mixed history, philosophy, physics, metaphysics, and the spiritual into one religious story of many layers where the deeper meanings were only for the initiates. This is seen in norse, Egyptian, and Babylonian creation myths and myths.


Norwegian author Maria Kvilhaug discover such traits in her books, surrounding the norse creation where you have to look at everything from concepts of words, gender of words, runes used, and their connection; to find the greater picture. And what she discovered is worth a read. But did you know that all the antique had a coherent cosmology where everything in creation was given a male, or female nature?


Moreover: The gnostic christians, and antique middle-eastern religions explained cosmology/creation through interpreting that the female, creative power aspect of God (Sophia in Gnosticism, shekinah in Judaism, and Holy Ghost in some Christianity) had fallen to explain the creation of life on Earth. God sent his angels so to speak, and this is the magical force within us that seeks reunification with God/source. Through bridging the male and female. The antique middle-east had one Goddess under many names who were either the wife of God, or his daughter/son like f.i Attar. The most prominent was Ashera Queen of Heaven, wife of El whom Solomon the sun-king-sex-addict worshipped, and erected temples to in Israel. The Bible reads how the Israelites erected Ashera poles on every hill. That`s because all things in the antique was seen having both a symbolical nature, a spiritual nature, and a gender, as written in Symbols, Sex, and the Stars by Ernest Brusenbark where he outlines the origin of religion often called ¨that ancient religion¨. Hills, mounds, etc were seen as female breasts, and rivers in valleys, fountains, and water were seen as the female sexual organ in all the world of the antique raging from American Indians to South America, to China, to Scandinavia, to Egypt, to England, to obelisks in France, to ancient Israel/Canaan, and particularly all of Mesopotamia back to our first historical civilization: Ancient sumer. I have personally been to the temple of Astarte in Eriche Siciliy which is on top of a giant hill, and visited other temples of her as well: One was situated on one of two ¨breasts¨ right next to a river-valley ¨vagina¨. I have also been to the Roman bath in Baath England which was a hot spring sacred to the goddess Sulis of the natives, and Minerva of the Romans. ¨The hot womb.¨ I bet there was a lot of fornication there.


And then you have the masculine aspect. Pyramids, trees, columns, Church-spires, and Egyptian obelisks symbolized, and still symbolize the male phallus, and this isn`t even a secret. Ernst argues that: Sex, and worship of the Heavens is the oldest religion after animism, f.i at the astrological Stonehenge. The temples to Frøya in Scandinavia were also at fields atop hills like the one at Tønsberg. The most ancient symbol for male, and female united is the cross. The vertical line symbolizes the male potency, and the vertical symbolizes female. The Egyptian Ankh, close to the Venus symbol, is the perfect symbol of male and female coming together. Here we have the cross, and the circle. The circle is the womb. Or you can use the vesica pisces, derived from the seed of life, which is the form of the vagina.


The two standard male-female symbols are the Mars symbol ♂ (often considered to represent a shield and spear, or a phallus) for male, and Venus symbol ♀ (symbolizing the female vagina and womb) for female, derived from astrological symbols, denoting the classical planets Mars and Venus.


The ancient world not only applied sexual characteristics to all buildings, but also to all trees and animals. F.i the bull, elephant, lion etc symbolized the male. That`s why the chief god of Kanaan was ¨Bull El¨. If a man was strong, he was called a ¨God-man.¨ The goat both provided milk like a cow, and had horns like the phallus, or male God. Both male, and female goats have horns and beards. The goat has therefore symbolized the androgynous since time immemorial, most recently in the form of the hermaphrodite Baphomet. The cow, the cat, the dove, the rabbit, and the deer symbolized the female. Especially the cow. Take f.i the Egyptian Goddess Hathor, and Nuit who`s symbol was a starry cow covering the Heavens. This is f.i reflected in norse mythology as well with Audhumbla, the cosmic cow, who eats the ice of Nifleheim (death) – transforming it to life - milk. Understand? Here we have strong metaphysics, and comparative mythology. Our ancient ancestors had clever ways of explaining physics, cosmology, and the circle of life through myth.


Furthermore. Waters symbolize the womb of Gaia, and lava/fire symbolizes male. Together: Love, and light crashed, and made life on Earth possible! The universal metaphysics of love, and light are astounding. This also happens whenever a child is born. The male torch, semen, or fire impregnates the polar-opposite – water – and miraculously creates a new life.


Wow! Love and light is female and male! And applies to all spiritual philosophy and metaphysics. It really is the universal code of creation!


The clever Egyptians had a very scientific religion of love and light. Their prime deities were the Sun-Jupiter (Ra – male) , and the Moon-Venus (Isis – female). These correspond to light and love. I am not saying we should worship Egyptian, or Nordic Gods. I am only outlining the omniscience of love and light. Yet I have a nice statue of Osiris, and Isis at home. 😉


The gospel of St.Thomas writes how ¨male and female becomes one¨ in this New Age of Aquarius where Attar (Ashtar) is the new Maitreya. Why? Because Aquarius is a hermaphrodite like Attar. No man carried water in the ancient world.


Sex: Bridging the opposites


That man has travelled to the moon, but still battle with loneliness deprived of caring, compassionate love, and sexual stimuli is strange, considering how much more enlightened the ancient were. This births prestigious, shallow individuals seeking acknowledgement.


Through what we discovered of love and light:

1. The Abrahamic God is androgynous.

2. Creation is polarized in male-female opposites.

3. And the purpose of life is becoming whole again (through love)

4. And thus creating new life.


Being loving, and having sex for the creation of children is thus reuniting the God-spark of female, and male to become GOD in the moment of orgasm: When God creates a new life in the womb. Philosophically adding to Reich`s theory of orgone (orgasmic) energy.


The law of love, and light teaches us that sex is the most sacred act, and must not be defiled. Science tells us sex is the nature of God, and the act of continuous creation, and in it we thus metaphorically become Gods again through uniting the divisions in creation. The gnostics, and tantric sex-worshippers of Shiva believed that sex can lead to mystical union with God.


As we discovered. A human`s lust is directly proportionate to once power, creative ability, and power to do good and care. Love must always be connected to lust. It is our nature, and the nature of God, and the universe: Our most natural habit, yet our most restrained. There is a beast in every man that should be utilized, and expressed to create a healthy, respective environment. If chained, one looses ones power, and that is what happened to me. We discovered all this in our chapter on Reich.

Soul/Spirit/God/Orgone, and human vitality= sexual energy.


All humans need human contact, love, and also sex. It is the force that drives the wheel of evolution. It is the prime motivation for all life, as Freud discovered, but is channeled into work. It is the force that energizes man to work. These are not wild theories. I am quoting the fathers of psychology here!


Reich believed that women`s root chakra system are made to receive, and process the male vital energy. As we, and the ancients now know: Sex is most sacred, and must be kept within the sacred morals of love and light. We should have guessed it all along. It is after all: The egg to our cake. There would not be much point in life if not for sex. But few come to realize it`s potential for good. If the ancients had sacred prostitutes: How come we have not evolved? Because an elite monopoly on knowledge seek to chain human potential, and use free sex as bribery for obedience. (To the New World Order.) This must stop with new sex institutes. Sexual health is just as much a part of a person as mental, physical, and spiritual health: Often interconnected. Yet it receives no treatment, and is seen as personal. How come we have lost to the antique? Today: We even have condoms to prevent sexual disease! Our ideas of civilized behavior, morale, compassion, freedom, diversity and acceptance have also evolved.


Nothing is as therapeutic, and good for your over-all health as sex. It can heal ones broken aura, broken heart, trauma, anxiety, mental-disorders, and damaged emotions. Love, and sex is healing, and scientifically very healthy for you, but must remain connected with the divine aspects of love like romance, care and liberation. Can you argue for the existence of sacred prostitutes? Not in a Christian theology, but seeing the depraved lusts of the sex-hungry world: Life-giving, sacred, aura-healing prostitution is the best of two evils, and an inevitable, needed evolution if we are going to have a renaissance. With a culture of pornography: It is un-natural for humanity not to have school teachings on the sacredness of love and light, with love in mind. The teachings of this book is necessary for the evolution towards a future golden age of the antique. Doesn`t everyone want to be happy? I was angry and ruined! Because I did not have sacred sex.


For the Christian who do not watch porn, or the monk who lives without the internet: I say it is better to abstain from sexual relations, like myself and Paul. Some have come so far that God provides the comfort, healing, acknowledgement, and love you need. I personally feel these revelations is of vital importance to both the religious, and the humanist atheist. A universal law the applies to any religion and ideology. A law that traverses all borders of nation, ethnicity or culture.


Sex Magick


I will go by the book, and describe all sorts of sex magick, good and bad. Sex is magick in all it`s definitions, perhaps even the greatest, most powerful magick – opposed only by the circle of the Lucifer effect of loneliness, which we touched upon.


Magick is simply put the art of creating change in conformity with will, but we will focus on positive manifestation, and here I will outline the 6 widely practiced forms of so-called ¨sex magick¨, just because it saw an uprising in the last century.


1 Regular sex. Sex IS magick, as are almost all deeds. We live in a magical universe. But sex involves the merger of souls, wishes, and spirits present during the ritual. It also involves satisfaction, liberation, and healing your chakras. It accomplishes this by nourishing the spirit body through the orgone generated, as Reich studied.


2 Eastern sex magick is an ancient art called tantric sex which you can look up for yourselves. They focus on the bliss of sex. Other Indian sex-practices involves becoming one with the Gods of sex, particularly Shiva, whereupon the practitioner will scream ¨I am Shiva¨ during orgasm for personal empowerment.


3 Sex for manifestation of desires. This is like any other typical ritual, and probably the most common practice of sex magick. The practitioner will fill his trained mind with his Higher Self, and clearly envision the bliss of accomplishing, and gaining his uttermost heart reaching orgasm, and stating ¨it is done!!!¨ Filling himself with a motivation, and preserving the orgone energy gained to accomplish the deed.


4 Sexual vampirism. Sounds dangerous. But every person has done it. Simple masturbation is a lesser form of vampirism either you like it or not. As all have energy, and project, give, and take energy from all living things of their surrounding matrix reality. ¨We are all one.¨ It`s no wonder that sex can be used for taking energy, creating negative orgone, or doing satanic rituals. The practitioner focus on the carnal form of lust, and often invoke the gods/goddesses of sex, either good or bad depending on his/her`s religious stance. A light-magick practitioner will focus on loving colors of white, yellow, green etc, while the dark practitioner will focus on the red root-chakra (aura) , or even a black aura or death-cloud. This does however manifest the evil God/spirits over both persons. Envisioning the person you lust for during masturbation is a powerful spiritual tool for better or worse, that might greatly affect the target: Either giving, or stealing energy.

The victims of sexual vampirism will often loose their spiritual energy and lust.


5 Sex magick ritual group orgies. This is often termed involves a group of witches having ritual orgies to create plenty of orgone energy for the invocation, or evocation of spirits, or for manifestation of their will. They will often utilize sexual fluids on an altar of the God to empower their wishes, or on the living female altar (or boy) . They (like the gnostics) may also even consume the sexual fluids to gain life-force energy, the power of desire manifestation, or put them outside their bodies to consecrate themselves, or heal pain. Some will also consecrate wands, personal objects, and crystals with the sexual fluids.


6 Sacred sex.


This is what I wish for, and will focus upon. I know many girls who share my visions for this, and have the sexual energy, and compassion to work as healing prostitutes. This form combines love and light teachings of the abovementioned tantric, healing sex with the philosophies of the sacred prostitute of the antique. Sacred sex is internal sex alchemy for transformation, and healing of soul-fragments/aura-healing/energy-healing with the goal of a healing, euphoric laughter during orgasm. Sex-clinics for treatment by not only sex, but spiritual consultation, psychology, sex-re-enactments of broken memories, crying, comfort, kissing, soft-sex, romance, and other healing practices like crystal healing, sacred oils, and banishing of evil spirits, and past sex-energies through insence and laughter orgasm should be established as legal as both state, and personal clinics.



F.i healing of pain, loneliness, and broken-hearts through healing chakra points through massage, kissing, and sex etc. It is the art of circulating the high vibrations of sexual orgone life-force throughout the body to stimulate healing for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical vitality through positive vibrations and laughter. I am certain introducing sacred, caring prostitute witch-doctors, or healers would not only cure depression, but revolutionize society; as was the vision of Wilhelm Reich of whom I am the heir apparant. I know several who would have such tender hearts of care, and love that work as a professional sacred goddess with unconditional love would be a true dream for them. Yet we were closer to this during the birth of psychology, and psychoanalysis than we are today. I am here to honor Reich`s dream.


All mental healthcare does is provide a pill, and a once-in-a-week 20 minute conversation. People are hanging themselves. Is this progression towards the future? Is this advancement of human expression? No. We are walking in the wrong direction. Sexual healing affects mental, psychological, spiritual, and physical health. Having lots of sacred sex is the clue to living a long life; as it fills you with orgone energy. We have hospitals, and mental hospitals, but we do not have a temple of Inanna.


Remember: Sacred prostitution was practiced throughout all the world through all antique history, but was outlawed by Christianity and Islam. Ancient sources say the Sumerian love-Goddess Inanna (beautiful name) would open herself even to elderly men as an example of this ¨unconditional love.¨


This tradition was loved, and hated throughout the ancient world as the Greek historian Herodotus (450 bc) writes:

The foulest Babylonian custom is that which compels every woman of the land to sit in the temple of Aphrodite and have intercourse with some stranger at least once in her life. Many women who are rich and proud and disdain to mingle with the rest, drive to the temple in covered carriages drawn by teams, and stand there with a great retinue of attendants. But most sit down in the sacred plot of Aphrodite, with crowns of cord on their heads; there is a great multitude of women coming and going; passages marked by line run every way through the crowd, by which the men pass and make their choice. Once a woman has taken her place there, she does not go away to her home before some stranger has cast money into her lap, and had intercourse with her outside the temple; but while he casts the money, he must say, "I invite you in the name of Mylitta". It does not matter what sum the money is; the woman will never refuse, for that would be a sin, the money being by this act made sacred. So she follows the first man who casts it and rejects no one. After their intercourse, having discharged her sacred duty to the goddess, she goes away to her home; and thereafter there is no bribe however great that will get her. So then the women that are fair and tall are soon free to depart, but the uncomely have long to wait because they cannot fulfil the law; for some of them remain for three years, or four. There is a custom like this in some parts of Cyprus.


This was common throughout the entire known antique. The Egyptian priesthood of Isis had this exact same practice, as did the Babylonians of Ishtar, and the Sumerians too. The Romans had their Bachanalia orgies, the English had their orgies at Stonehenge, the Norse had their cults of Frøya, the Israelites/Canaanites had their worship of Asherah, and the Christians had their gnostic cults where the Agapea is most notable. This latter involved sexual orgies, and consumption of sexual fluids believed to be the bread (semen/body) , and blood (menstrual fluids) of Jesus Christ. Their cult existed in the first centuries, most popular by Irenaeus, but was soon outlawed as heretics. The Muslims had sexual rites, and orgies for the veneration of the triple goddess at the sacred Kaaba prior to Muhammad. These three were the daughters of Allah, who was called Al-Illah (meaning ¨the God¨) at the time. These three of his daughters were Al-Uzza as young virgin goddess Aphrodite. Allat as the mature sun-goddess, lilly-goddess, to whom they erected Asherah poles, and Manat the elder goddess of wisdom who also was the chief of the three, and consort of Hubal (meaning spirit-Baal) , Hubal being the chief deity of the 360 Gods at the Kaaba.



Is it not sickening that mankind has travelled to the moon, but still wage war, and do nothing about starvation, and sickness in third-world countries? Is it not strange that we know all about science, yet still have not found the Law of Light which is the basis for all the universe? Is it not strange that we have the internet, yet are still not one? Is it not strange that more, and more feel burnt-out, depressed, and become thwarted individuals? It is because they lack sacred love, and where to get it. It is because they lack the gnostic liberation, enlightenment, and teaching. I hope with this book to have redefined the common term ¨love and light¨ for the betterment of an alternative future.