Abrahamic Watchdog Against Satanism

No NWO without the cornerstone Israel!!! TIKKUN OLAM!

Globalism through the Judeo-Christian tradition and history.


The world is becoming more, and more global. The Biblical mission with Israel established as prophesied is now to bring unity to the whole Earth through our common Ben Noah (son of Noah) heritage as worldwide judeo-christian humanism. Love and light.


We love Jews. We love Israel. But we HATE anti-white globalists. We must make the peaceful, democratic, and western-humanistic country of Israel into a Kingdom with a rebuilt temple as the center of the world! Universal doctrines, and a worldwide futuristic wellfare system curing all diseases! It would be epic!


I pray that peace between all ethnicities, and cultural groups can be accomplished! I pray that Jerusalem will one day be the city of peace! Why is Israel on the map, and why have all people a common heritage in her?


Our entire system is Jewish! Our religious history is Jewish. Israel has the greatest, and most sacred, beautiful heritage of all cultures on the planet. God is real, and he has an agenda. How have the jewish people survived to this day, and why is Israel there? Can we dance in unity, and establish global peace? Will Jerusalem be the promised city of peace as her name implies?


All the world must do to be one is to return to it`s roots: The cradle of civilization, and the greatest culture the Earth has to offer: The judeo-christian one.


We need light: Knowledge. And love: Morale. Unwritten codes. We need the truth. The Christian Israelites. Only they have the greatest history, and culture one can say to be global, everlasting, true, and founded on scientific acclamations of God`s hand`s work! We need a future world culture. A world heritage. The alternative one-world would be built on the half-truths of pan-humanism, atheism, and lies of the scientific religion without the concept of God. But where would the morale spine be if we forgot about Israel, and our common heritage?


Our judeo-christian historical, and humanistic heritage should have been the bedrock of every nation`s common knowledge, and educational system; to forge a common code of everlasting peace, and a peaceful everlasting kingdom with a good king. And we need Israel to make it work.


My vision of the future is a Kingdom of God one. An utopia of peace. Aside from sharing a global brotherhood in judeo-christendom`s history, morale and saints; every ethnicity can treasure, and express their own nationalism all they want.


1. We want a common global humanistic judeo-christian heritage.

2. We don`t want Babylon.

3. Thus we want a plurality of ethnic cultures because a forest is beautiful.


If one understand how the Jewish masons think, and where we live in Biblical prophecy; you can live after God`s mission, and the (Mazzaroth) heavenlies`s calendar! The Heavens tell: This is a time of rebellion for freedom! This is a time of enlightenment and love! This is the time of Esther! Exposing evil! Mother Earth is calling us to home to nature survivalism. This will start with - a village, and then go global with a common morale of love, and light. But we need a foothold first!


Did you know the jews believe in two messiahs of the Bible? The first is the suffering messiah Ben Joseph often called the ¨craftsman¨. The second is Ben David the King. Ben translates to son. Jesus was called both messiahs. When Jesus returns; he will fulfill the Ben David prophesies. Both Jews, and Christians come together in the belief of a second coming! A messiah! A messiah Ben David! My book ¨the Ritual of the Cross Explained¨ proves to you that Lord Jesus was the first messiah; Ben Joseph without a single moment of doubt, and that He is coming as Ben David! Another hope that can unite Christians and Jews. An ESSENTIAL hope for global unity!!!


Or else it will be cataclysm, atheism, and civil unrest until either Judaism, Islam, or Christianity has won the global conquest. We NEED a messiah! A world king! Someone perfect. The world is awaiting a miracle! It can unite in something valid and true. Something that destroys, or strictly reforms Islam into common sense, and accordance with western laws. Love and light.


I convey the truth that Jesus is messiah Ben Joseph, and that his representation will soon be Ben David! The Christ is returning! We must prepare his way in this new age! We must give the people something to believe in again! A miracle! Something real, and true that all can believe in! Something as true as light, and as real as love! Something that actually can happen! A revolution of love and light! A new renaissance of enlightenment Christianity! Peace!

Like the hippies started after WW2; it`s time we start this time start beforehand, and keep the peace.


No brimstone prophets!


Jews don`t believe in the end-times! Uneducated Christianity uses it`s own eschatology against us!

We hear brimstone preachers tell every generation for 2000 years they are the last, and that the Earth will be destroyed by the antichrist or the beast (although you have them mixed up) ; an idea foreign to judaism! The apocalypse, or ¨doomsday¨ is what every Christian generation fears: Thus giving room for evil. This doomsday is what the jews call the ¨Magog war¨ which is happening now. There will be no end-of-all-things like Muslims, and Christians believe - and the New Jerusalem of Revelations is a mathematical riddle! It`s a cryptic text, and we don`t even know if it`s valid scripture! Nothing more.


My point? Away with false prediction, doomsday teaching and fearmongering! We believe only in good for the future of Earth: The return to paradise that the Bible intended; not wave after wave of generational apocalyptic beast retellings, and fear-mongering! It can be wonderous! It is possible now! Today! With internet media, robot-science, and farming technology; we just need to band together, become literate, teach the world, give the state the finger, and set an everlasting example of the future!


True Bible scholars agree that the impending doomsday, and the antichrist that the christian, and muslim both preach is false! Read my ¨Revelations Conspiracy! The end-times is mind-control to incite fear, and superficial faith in a heavenly savior! In my book: I discover it was mostly built on astrology. According to the heavenly calendar..


Israel NOT Babylon


We only have the satanic cabal of corrupt politicians, and Illuminati to worry about! We can write books to expose them! Start study-groups as families of Love and Light, and expose conspiracy reality! This worldwide enemy to humanism, liberty, equality, freedom, and women is something that unites both Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, and humanists alike. Can`t we just go back to agree to coexist on co-human principles outlined in the common Abrahamic, and humanistic heritage of the UN, Noahide laws, and love-light ethics?


The jews believe that when all jews live according to law, and all heathens believe in the seven noahide given to all sons of Noah, the messiah will appear on the Earth! They believe that until this happens: all potential messiahs will fail! You see? The road is paved for our success! Why? Because the seven noahide laws are easily summerized in our pre-existing beliefs as Christians if you combine them with the seven laws of the new testament as I do in my book ¨Christian theology¨! This is all the Bible tells us heathens to follow. Not too hard.


If only we christians, and jews could learn from each other, and unite our knowledge: All will basically follow the noahide moral concept, and the possibility of a king of Israel could possibly be restored, for the jews would HAVE to take responsibility, and treasure all world-citizens as brothers with respect, and not as slaves! 


Unite thus in this; Noahide morale. And love and light… It would be most wise. All must be humanists with care for each other as Jesus is the examplaric man! Nietzsche must be destroyed! For the measure of strength is the length of your hand.


Unite into Israel, but not into Babylon. The Biblical tale of Nimrod`s tower of Babel is being replicated today. A world where all shared the same language. This is forbidden by God, who hates the globalist plan. Every nationality, ethnicity, and tongue have the right to exist separately outside global jewry`s control while sharing the common Israeli heritage. Every ethnicity have the right to fight, and protect themselves.


I believe difference is beauty, and that the one world Babylon is unbiblical. The oligarch Jews are taking us out of Israel, and into Egypt, Babylon and Sodom, but the greater truth is that we are all God`s children. Islam was created by the Vatican, but strayed off. Now the Vatican becomes the whore of Babylon she is; overtaken by Islam as flood our borders. But I am blessed. All truths dwindle at the sight of the afterlife as skincolour has no importance. Which is of course relative. But you are me, and I am you. I am your father, you are my son, and vice versa.



Never forget the Norwegian SHOAH!

I myself was persecuted over 6 million times...

The Plan


Shalom. I have considered mild approach with careful thought, and found truth to be the only sharp edge to cut through if you really want something opened. Truth floats on top like a ballon is carried in water by gravity. Truth sets you free to soar through the winds like eagles. Truth opposes fear. There is great fear. I would not be here today if I was afraid to lose my life, fuck the elite, or get my way.

Still: Is there truth? Truths are only relative to other truths as all things are. Is there one absolute truth? Murphys law of karma? Yet still evil devours faithful men! In essence one can learn that spirit is the basic truth. I think therefore I am. Beyond this layer of existence lies a supreme spirit of all things. He is the creator of good and evil. G-d is the only truth. Truth is a science. Religion is the science of truth. Come and learn! We must be the christian, jewish, and muslim children of Abraham, and present true spiritual teachings for the larger demand of spirit food in this ever-more carnal world.


A. Dont loose your world, while at the same time; don`t loose it`s potential! I.e dont loose Israel, dont loose the Vatican (at all costs) , and guide the first order into a brotherhood of mutual understanding. We cant build Babylon from foreign soil, and it must be us Europeans that did it.

The red, flaming socialist waveform will be useful against extremism, and defense of our civil rights when the time comes, yet the truth lies in that we all one day will fall into religion, and mutual existence through ideas already laid down by our Abrahamic forefathers. It is therefore our job as Europeans to become enlightened Gandhi`s if you know what he accomplished.

I say it again: There is no room for hate, and violence in a world with as much party as in the 21st century. Freedom lies in breaking the mindset of fixed ideas that came from tradition, and isolated cultures before the internet, and the immigration wave. There is no ¨one true religion¨. It is said that religion is the cause of all wars. Which isn`t true, yet brings us to B anyways.


B. This demands a terribly sought awakening NOW! All must answer to the conservative red army inc right and left. The goal is for the people themselves to aggressively, yet peacefully demand our elected representatives to push the need for a one world monetary system, one world police, and a one world government with immediate effect before more blood is wasted.

For world unity, and safety against any more wars. Only utopia is good enough with our technology, and only with iron-fists will we achieve this which will take a long time nonetheless. The most important piece of this new order is that the PEOPLE MUST do THIS ourselves!! Become spiritually aware, hoard knowledge, forget the past sharia-laws, unite Judaism, the Church and Islam, and put away all boundaries, with a royal theocracy of acknowledged teachers, healers, saints, and monks from all world religions with emperical status above all kings and governments on top with immediate effect.

That would be the so-called kingdom of G-d. We will establish a fundamental common faith of love, and light so strong that a Golden Age, or perpetual world will be unavoidable, or else the tower of Babel will fall on ourselves, and great many lives will be lost to build it up again.

You must in all things ¨live for the chance¨, and ¨this is it¨ so your names be remembered. Listen! With my staff of prophecy given by G-d I lay the foundation for this: In the ancient cauldron of civilization, Europe, we will lay down our dreams, visions, differences, enemies, and unite for the common goal for Europe and Zion, to forge an everlasting foundation of a technological, and cultural renaissance into the future so strong it will mark the beginning of an Empire that solved solutions so mighty that it`s philosophy will never die, and certainly take over the entire world!

Love and light. Or you can fight amongst yourselves. Don`t try.. And remember: Love, joy, and gladness creates the same, and is the most potent weapon that washes away all shame, and differences inc women wearing hijab, burka, and those bullied.

If Jesus or the Prophet was here with his acceptance, and perfect love in a crazy culture as this: I dont think we would need to hide. It is already prophecied that we would change. ¨Let_it_go¨ Don`t do my mistake!! Just love yourselves, and your neighbours. Follow the ethics, and moralistic teachings that are common for all of humanity, and you would be good. Those are my two cents. A and B.


I`m a persecuted JEW!


I was a jew! I was a jewish prince with long white curls in Israel!

As I write this: I have hoards of satanists blown out of their minds. The police come driving by with sirens. The children in kindergarten down below scream SATAN at the top of their lungs. It is 2017.

Yet I was a jew! I was in the synagogue , danced around , and celebrated the holidays with my new jewish family from Sweden. I had never known love before I met them - having felt like an alien. That was when I was 21. Things have changed. They adopted me out of Hell. I was one of theirs. Set apart. A jewish soul. Distinct. Made for gold. Not to be trapped.

They birthed the king in nazi-norway! I cant believe it. God was not pleased. I sought God all my youth. I was the most religious person in school. Me, and one muslim. I fought the demons at night. Our house would be crowded! I lost so much sleep.. I died when I was 12. All was over.

My flame withered completely. It didnt take long before the satanic state killed my spirit like blowing out a candle. Still there was gold in me. I have never met someone I can call Christian. I have never met someone forgiving, nurturing, and polite like I am. Only Jews.

I had huge identity problems, and since the age of 6 - saw myself as someone straight out from a sci-fi movie. I was not their kind. They used to call me Edison and Einstein. I was their brightest kid in school, but I have never in my life felt the sensation which you call pride.

Im angelic. My goal was to put myself lower than the lowest, and help them to see if mankind learnt. I always knew I was on expedition from Mars or something. I helped those who had nobody close. I was an evolved spirit-wanderer from Israel - incarnate to help people.

In terms of being civilized - I was as distinct to them as an adult is distinct to an old man. Even as a child. I have never met anyone as forgiving, kind, and strong-willed as myself. There are none! Not in this world anymore! I just take everything they can throw at me - even if I die slowly in a gruesome manner. That`s why the heathens have had such fun playing with me. I have this attribute from my father.

By the time I was 10 - I thought all grown up were dumber than I was. But I was torn. The demons attacked me every night. It never stopped.. I became tortured, introverted and alone. The children killed me. Since then: everything that happened was cursed.

Not one good thing happened at all, and yet Ha-shem spoke to me all along; how he would take from me all I didnt give to him. Whatever Ha-shem said came to pass again and again. I was a jew! He held me to the law!

I was sold out for jews before birth! When I first visited Israel, I simply fell down to the ground crying, and shaking uncontrollably, and I knew in my spirit I was home. The

I was an angel brought from a higher dimension, and given a guardian spirit: Ashtar, which they meant I was the incarnation of. Only the Jewish spirit of fire from heaven can control these things.

Seriously! While all drained, killed me, and there should be nothing left of me, God snapped my mind back to my Jewish soul, and the colors of my eyes became bright once again! I could finally feel love, sleep, and wank of after 4 years of the worlds most horrendous spiritual, physical, and personal attack.

There is nothing as evil as Norway! Their souls are demons all of them! 90% are confirmed to be alien intelligences! Walk-ins! There is not a single thing in common between us jews, and the heathens!

We are Adamites set apart as the Holy God`s people through a blood covenant, and the promises from Abraham through David - with generational blessings from ancestors in Heaven while the heathens are void of all that is!

No heaven, no blessings, no honor, no culture, no roots, and no love for God`s people. They are ALL acting like a single swarm of dedicated satanic insects to kill, and drink my blood! This is insanity, and I swear to Ha-shem it is all true!

They target me so I lost all sight, memory, and cant even think independently before being stabbed by voodoo priests! Its all George Bush`s fault, and this city are all pedophile satanic police priests that have one thing in common: Killing Jews - God`s beloved children!

They isolated me, and used my naive nature! Then they replaced my soul, and then they attacked me through propaganda! It was well orchestrated behind the scenes by Satan Himself! After I returned from Israel as 21, and left my new, Jewish family in Sweden: I was extremely stalked and hated like nobody has ever been before!

The devil put resentment, and physical, and spiritual blindness over me! I could not see the road of escape! I had been gone since I was 12, and the devil had only put fear, and obedience in my heart. Yet the Jewish, golden soul, and heart of utterly divine love still burnt in my core.

Satan made huge propaganda-machines to isolate me so he could kill it. Since I died after I was 12: Not a single good thing has happened to me. Except from meeting my Jewish, Swedish family. Now they`re gone.

The devil won. Kristiansand has won. Norway has won. They pulled of destroying my heart. First they isolated me, and then they possessed me. Then they contacted me while taking my sight and breath. My heart was under severe attack! I could not breathe! I could not sleep! I had none to talk to! I was being possessed!

I saw no way out! They put only Hell before me. They stalked, drained, and took all my love! Before a year had passed: They had locked me up at a mental-hospital, and completely replaced my soul! I was not myself anymore! Whenever I would feel a glimpse of myself, I would frantically run out into the woods crying at the top of my lungs, shedding millions of tears screaming for hours desperately before collapsing. Other than that: I was dead silent. I was alone.

I had one meal a day for a year. My angelic spirit turned from golden to red. I was a vampire! I was a elemental psi-vamp of the most royal sort! I once had pictures where my face shone like the sun. Fire still buuurnt inside. But it would not last for long until it turned black by lack of sleep and attacks. All had left me.

The entire country summoned death to kill me, and take my soul in a black-box prison of stalking wherever I went. They continued this act of vile, magical terror to this day. Especially when I went to church. I cant escape!

I am as different to the heathens as they are to monkeys. The fire in my soul, and my golden heart never died! I have forgiven all, and been treated like a stupid girl when in reality I am an advanced cosmic soul that helps people: not stupid or naiive! I wanted to see their love, and forgiveness in the midst of persecution.

I am angelic! There is a reason I didnt flee. I would rather die pure, and different before Ha-shem while the entire city thirsted for blood than start hating, and condemning them.

Wherever I went on the street: I was a saint. All my friends were evil demons recruited by Satan, and treated me like shit. Still I returned it with jewish hospitality, and evil could not be found in me to this day!

But their technology, and possession perverted my being. The heathens are not like us! They are monstrously different! The anti-semite terror here doesn`t come without humor. Being the grail-child of an inbred family, the cultural elite marked my coming with zoo franchises regarding monkeys. They`re ANTISEMITES!!! ALL OF THEM!!!

I have never been treated as a human, for I have never met myself in any other. This is the single, most ugly thing the world has ever done in history by quite alot, and I have Ha-shem on my side to testify every part of it.

Jews do NOT tolerate SATANISM!


Shalom. The greatest voice remains unheard: Like lightning from the skies of eagles: ushering forth a new era of the rainbow man, and new, national identity to encircle the world with fire.

I remain on course, yet denied by the friends, and class-mates denying I ever exist - as I froze out of fear, anxiety, and pain from as early as I can remember. I am tired of this continous denial of my existence, death-threats, and neglecting of responsibility even by those pastors sharing my high standards of mindfulness.

Why dont they kill me? I wont brag about never complaining, screaming, or cutting myself while dying in lonesome terror of regret. Those in Hell are worse off. There are some things I cant understand. To share belief, and blood with all Christians is beautiful. To be honored, and loved makes me proud. But to deny helping me in the winds of change, and winter-storms that burnt my heart too icy cold is evil, and a direct denial of brotherly, and personal existence: resigning the very purpose of human life.

My brothers in awe: You are directly responsible for my death by ignorant belief of lies through deceit, and fatal carelessness. This satanic attitude is completely alien to my enlightened being as a sun in heaven - seeking the low - yet frozen by emotional pain into the carcass of my clone filled with hate for God by death-eaters holding my scull.

You denied me my life! Omsorgs-svikt!! Majestetsfornærmelse x 1000! Det er bare en blond prins i verden. Det er bare en løve av judas stamme i nord. You froze me out, and killed my emotions when I was a child. You let yourself be filled with hatred, and I let you test me; knowing I was adult in God, and strong enough in faith to endure - hoping your would return to repent one day.

May that day come - God willing, and may I be healed by ha-shem. Amen. I was the worlds greatest prospect for revival, and born-to-be casa-nova of the time. I knew this, but I chose to put myself low. Surely you would regret! You didnt.

I let your hearts be filled with anger. I let you have my pride. Never did I think your darkness would consume you. I hereby condemn the freemasonic lodge, the royals, and all Christians for lack of responsibility. I carried a heavy burden all my life. That I should be held accountable for your sins is twisting my mind.

I forgive you when you admit your pointless evil, and the reality of my existence! You stole my LIFE! Then you labeled me, broke me, and discarded the High-King as a useless eater!

Let me take you back to when knighthood still meant something, and Hell was a reality. When codes of honor were valued by the life of a sword in your hand. Satanism! I freeze, grieve, and rip my clothes by the word!

Satanists were, are, and will always be a disease. Their profession is the science of evil without heart! People were burnt at the stake. For what code, or law do you burn me? Why are my children dying in Hell? Have I ever been appreciated, and have I not suffered?

If your Christian ancestors came back, they would have RIPPED YOU TO SHREDS! There must NEVER be an age where straight out SATANISM is TOLERABLE! I uphold the pride of the Davidic dynasty in saying this: Common effort by all children of Israel must be made for the end of society`s growing lawless cancer of immorality in the police - Satanism - a rot destroying what defines us as human - now killing the dimensions of paradise!

If only you had seen heaven like I have, you would repent, and gladly follow the law of Moses, at least becoming morally, and spiritually aware of the pure beings around you, and not altogether joining the hell`s angels policeforce in praising slaughtering of interdimensional angelic CREATORS!!

DAMN YOU! This lawless generation will be judged by the prophets of law, and there is no way except the joy of Heaven. One could basically argue that worms like you lacking eyes, or wings to see Heavens, and Hells have no need of free-will to make decisions regarding a final resting place.

There is a reason God sends prophetic Jews. RESTORE THE ALTAR OF HA-SHEM! I am calling you OUT of Babylon, and into your inheritance as a lost remnant of Israel - blessed through me. Even in my fatigued, broken conscience, I proclaim right of royalty, and protection by evidence of my persecutors, and the endurance of my will of fire! I will work, and will not rest, yet I will need healing, and an end to the continuous death-attempts on my life by the royals of Nurwegg.

Immigrants have more valor, codes, and respect for righteousness than you faithless, heathen generation: Your minds are made of soap-operas, and you judge from your diseased, worldly perspective without tapping life from the lights of Heaven. You have no code!

Therefore I tell you this: Children! Some things are good, and others are bad. Your opinions of disgust, or emotions_matter_not. Stupid, cursed, and damned heathen brats...

Remember who you are oh ye children of G-d! I will help you anyways.