Abrahamic Watchdog Against Satanism





Why are Vigrid so antisemittic? It`s not the Jews who are their enemies! Don`t they realize Judaism is the hope? The only hope? Israel? Or how should there be balance? How do you end war, and create global homogenous ethics? Through viking philosophy of sacrifice??? Atheism? They are themselves ¨crypto-Jews¨. They attack our fallen Jewish brethren who sacrifice Children. And do not the pagan globalists at Bohemian Grove do the same??? And don`t the pedophile Vatican do the same???

Satanic PAGANISM has infected Abrahamic religions, and IS the problem. I dare you to deny this claim.

No my friend. Judaism is the hope! Judeo-Christendom, or simply Judaism has the longest, greatest cultural-historical legacy on the face of the Earth. This legacy will be taught, and shared globally as world legacy, one day, when Israel`s monarchy, and everlasting peace is established.

Or at least that`s what Jews believe. They are not aryan monsters like yourselves! They are intelligent, highly civilized, peaceful citizens at war with the entire world fgs!

Much like your own threatened ethnicity! Hell! Even the political system is similar to Norway! The problem is not the Jews, but the Illuminati, and the Vatican! Satanism IS the problem. Satanic NORWAY is one HELL of a problem... FUCK NORWAY satanism!

I`ve been a prisoner here in my personal SHOAH for how long? 6 years? 7 years? 20 years!? And don`t you think I did the right thing? Your acts reveal your soulless nature.

DON`T YOU UNDERSTAND!? Illuminati leader, and freemason Albert Pike wrote on how Islam will ruin Israel. For those who have understanding: All know that Islam answers the Vatican, who created it.

All roads lead to Rome, and while some Jews are Illuminati: They are not ALL Illuminati like Norway! We need to make Norway into a mental institution. They`ve clearly lost their minds.

If they were interested in playing with the big-boys like myself, they would realize that Israel plays a KEY role in the future, as a symbol of the west, as a symbol for liberty, as a counterweight against terror, and that the religion of Judaism is not only peaceful: It`s perhaps the most peaceful of all religions, if you know a thing or two.