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Can you handle the truth?


You want the truth? Are you sure you can handle it? What if I told you that you are nothing but a battery? That a demon lurks behind every rock. Waiting to take your soul to Hell. That it`s the only purpose with your life. And that you have done NOTHING against it. What if all you believed... Yes. Everything. Lies. That most Christianity is false, half-way and irrelevant? That it`s cosmology, and understanding of physics is wrong. That they are caught in an illusion. That it`s understanding of the spiritual is INFINITELY less than it`s enemies. That we are perhaps 1000 years behind schedule. And God. You believe God speaks yo you??? Do you??? Hmm??? No God said ¨the Queen is a reptile¨, or ¨Tesla was right¨, or ¨FIGHT THE ILLUMINATI!¨ How stupid you have become... And you think you know Jesus? Hah! God is only what you perceive him to be. God is only inside of you. And God never speaks. No angel ever revealed anything of importance. There has been no real prophet of Christianity in 1000 years. Most Christianity, AND the world is controlled by freemasons. This world is at it`s most dangerous in all known history. We have had NO contact with Heaven. Except through Jesus. NO contact WHATSOEVER. We are COMPLETELY cut off. At the LOWEST dimension before Hell. We don`t even know if there is a Yahweh. We know NOTHING. Except Jesus. No Near Death Experiences ever tell anything about a Yahweh. Not ever. Not once. We have NEVER heard from God. Christianity, and Judaism is a religion built on astrology. The mystical understanding of the name Jehovah is: THE ALL! God is what you perceive him to be. God can only speak what you resonate with through the ether. This is a law of etherial physics called the synchronicty effect. There is no God speaking to you without you knowing the answer within. We know NOTHING. Nothing except Jesus. He is the only contact we have had with Heaven. And he can only tell you what you already know, or ressonate with. It`s your own higher self connecting to others.


It`s time to teach you the basics, and get you buckled up for last resistance!


Science determines truth. God is also the truth. How then is it possible that science CANNOT prove God! If science is truth, and doesn`t prove God; it means science is a COVER-UP. And that is what we`ll find out.


Research done by ether-scientists like Thomas Brown, Wilhelm Reich, Nicola Tesla, and other scientists like Cleve Backster, Ed Wagner, (Orvin E. Wagner) , and many others prove a world of physics different from what we learn at universities. A science where physics is more related to the spiritual than the material. How? Through the ETHER of course! Yes. God is many things, but also a biological FIELD permeating all things, and keeping all together. The ancients knew this. The Christians call it the Holy Ghost. It is the part of God that creates this universe.


This SOURCE field gives rise to all the forces, and phenomena of physics: There is no sub-atomic particle: There is no physical matter, as a scientist once told me.

We are simply living in an illusion created by a field. Exactly like a super-advanced computer program. All 4 forces of physics are lies.


This field has different spectrums just as the electromagnetic spectrum. Plants ressonate, and TALK through one frequency as Cleve Backster (inventor of the lie-detector) discovered - and many others!


Humans have their own field. The weather is determined by an aspect of this field, as Wilhelm Reich discovered. The Source Field (ether) is unaccounted for. Nobody know about this but the freemasonic Illuminati servants of Satan. Who have used this secret technology to make us animals. To mind-control us. To chip us, and make us robots. This is the dark empire of Kylo Ren, my friend who betrayed me. And has tortured me every second for 7 years. Day and night. With this type of technology. I am an guinea-pig. I won`t tell you my story. But I healed people. And if the mark-of-the-beast can take down me: Even Jesus would stand no chance.


From Charles Darwin to Albert Einstein`s theories. LIES! Most people have been indoctrinated that science is opposed to, and cannot prove God! WRONG! EVERYTHING they teach you is a lie created by the masonic lodge to make an atheistic society where science becomes the religion. Scientists like Wilhelm Reic, and Tesla were covered up, or murdered by the powers that be: The masonic lodge!


Tesla discovered that Einstein was wrong. He built flying machines. We are still in the stone age. We are FURTHER back than the middle ages, and the greeks or Egyptians; who believed in God, the flat Earth, and the Ether!


In 1938 Tesla talked about two incredible discoveries. 1. The Dynamic Theory of Gravity – which assumed a field of force which accounts for the motions of bodies in space; assumption of this field of force dispenses with the concept of space curvature (ala Einstein); the ether has an indispensable function in the phenomena (of universal gravity, inertia, momentum, and movement of heavenly bodies, as well as all atomic and molecular matter); and,


2. Environmental Energy – the Discovery of a new physical Truth: there is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment. Which contradicts Einstein’s E = mc2.


Did you get that? The ether, the field they don`t want you to know about accounts for the phenomena of gravity, momentum, and all atomic, and molecular matter! WE ARE LIVING INSIDE A MATRIX! And this is where it`s going.


This world is the most perfect of worlds, although as of yet; unbalanced. Because the problem of the existence of evil is solved. Evil exists for God (good) to judge it. If not: God would not be good, righteouss, holy nor perfect judge; if there was not an opposer.


Plants, animals, and everything BUT humans; are a part of the whole. A part of the field. A part of God. They are all in harmony. But do you realize YOU`RE the only one who are not in tune with the matrix? You are a disharmony. An unnatural abomination. Perhaps a creation of evil. Your brain, and third-eye (Pineal Gland) is locked down to a lower-dimensional level. Every living organism but humans are tuned into the spirit world.


We will discover that evolution arises from something Reich called BIONS! Oval vesicles that are appear out of nowhere, clump together, and form micro-organisms! Why is this not taught in science? Because it would shatter 400 years of science steered by actual, known masonic agents; like Charles Darwin`s father, who was a 33` scottish rite freemason.


The only conspiracy that exists is this: The Hell Conspiracy. For as long as humanity doesn`t achieve unity conscience about the spiritual reality, and the other worlds; we will not be the dominating species of the planet, but a battery created by the fallen angels. THEY know about the ether. Spirit is more real than matter.


No Christian does ANYTHING while Satan has constructed mark-of-the-beast technologies built upon source-field science. And you don`t even know about it.


Satan is free to roam the etherial realm - right next to this one - in a world where 8 billion people have no clue of their REALITY.


This world is a prison. But is was intended as a school where good triumphs over evil.


All Hell is deleted timelines, programs etc. They are simply computer-files that opposed the codes of the matrix. The Light will always win, and is infinitely stronger than the dark side. Evil is simply idiocy.


Do you still want to serve evil?


Take the journey, and build the future for humanity and Christianity!







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