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Gandalf - Love is the answer

Without God`s Light the son: Nothing would exist. Love, and light is our Creator. Our law. The eternal lesson. The bridge to Heaven. From Ashtar Command.

¨Love and light is the creator nothing would exist without, and the law. Light is the life of the sun that makes the flower of love open to spread new seeds for a new sun next year just as God is evermerciful and everlasting. Light is knowledge. Love is the law.¨

What does the fox say?

Ashtar Sheeran


Throughout my life, I have seen many benevolent ufo`s coming from Antarctica behind the wall, and from higher realms. 

They identified themselves as the Ashtar command.

When tuning into this ascended master, I would always fall down on the floor in a thick cloud of holy ether, and would start speaking in tongues. He is out there. And if you can connect mentally, and energetically; you can boost your energies, and mental levels ALOT. Note: There are also negative forces, that of Ashtaroth, and the demonic, but this is not what I have experienced. I experienced a man of steel. A character dedicated to his holy apointment of creating Heaven on Earth. He was also a spirit guide in many dreams, where he appeared in white, coming as an angel from God. I was also once zapped right out my body, and into a cloned body on a spaceship in a higher dimension to meet with him personally. I guess they survived the war, and represent the alliance. They were INSANELY strict to me, and I failed due to harassment, shame, pressure, stubborn unwillingness and lack of fellowship.

We must pray for Him to return. Amen.


Ashtar the man, and his mission available online from a friend. Click the link. There is much truth there. Ashtar - the man, and his mission Loving regards.


Excerpts regarding Ashtar from several new age websites:


Since many rumors and much information is currently being spread over the Internet about Ashtar and the Ashtar Command, please permit me to provide some factual information as well as guidelines on how to truly discern the 'real' Ashtar and the authentic Ashtar Command:


Lord Ashtar, as Commander in Chief of the Ashtar Galactic Command, serving on behalf of the Galactic Christ, Lord Sananda, personally entered this solar system for the first time in his official capacity, on July 18, 1952. He came in urgent response to reports that Earth was attempting to detonate the hydrogen atom, a living organism ....which is in violation of Tribunal and Galactic Confederation Laws. This attempt of Earth's scientists to enter into an area for which they were entirely unprepared and totally arrogant...could have led to the total destruction of Earth and all her life forms. In Lord Ashtar's first communique to Col. George Van Tassel, an Earth based Commander in physical contact with the Command (now deceased and returned to serve within the fleets) he addressed this imminent danger in no uncertain terms! (As this message has previously been published in several books we will not repeat it here.)


Subsequent follow up delegations and representatives from the Command also made contact with certain military and government officials regarding this matter. Ashtar also expressed the concern that he and other members of the High Council shared over the Earth's scientists persistence in delving into the realm of nuclear fission and nuclear power for defense purposes.


Who is. Ashtar and how may one discern his authentic messages and specific essence ?


Lord Ashtar is an Ascended, Immortal and 'Christed' Master. He is of the race of Adam Kadmon HU-Man and is a Ray emanation, or' son' of the One known as Lord Sananda and His Divine counterpart or twin-Flame, and the One known as Lord Michael and His Twin-Flame...being formed of the combined blending of their Light Codes and Essences. He began His individualized sojourn as what you might term a Devic/Angelic being of the Powers/Herald Angel lineages, which are Over-Souled by Lord Michael and Lord Gabriel respectively. He thus comes originally from what could be called the Twelfth Kingdom or the Celestial Throne Worlds of the Supreme Lord G-- Most High. He is not originally from this dimensional universe at all and came here only in serving his accepted mission. He is known as a 'non-fallen' Son of --d, in that throughout his long passage through time and space he has never forgotten his Spiritual Source and Divine nature. He is one who has never rebelled against the Divine Will and Laws of the Supreme Deity. In fact his characteristic staunch loyalty and devotion to Divine Principle and Universal Law reveals his immaculate character and personal integrity as a man fully worthy of his high status and levels of responsibility.


Long before the creation and formation of the lower worlds of evolution, duality and testing, including the formation of the world now called Earth, the Soul now known as Ashtar passed through long cycles of training under his Master, Lord Sananda. Eventually Ashtar made the decision to transfer from the Angelic lineage and to enter into the Adamic HU-Man lineage. Lord Sananda found in Ashtar one well qualified to be in command of His newly forming fleets which would be positioned as guardians and caretakers in a future universe. Ashtar later responded to the request of Lord Michael, Sananda and Sanat Kumara and joined the family of Venusian Kumaras in a pledged mission to adopt and foster the unfolding life wave and experiment to be undertaken within this universe, galaxy, solar system and upon Earth. He had been extensively trained and prepared to assist with the guardianship, spiritual fostering and ascending of planetary worlds through the Christ Pattern of Salvation. Ashtar attained the equivalent of human Earth development as Soul in other places in the cosmos as well as within the Venus chain of worlds where he attained his Mastership and  Ascension. His Soul Essence, like that of many, has touched to many constellations and planetary worlds and has traversed multidimensional universes in unfoldment and service, for virtually eons of cycles.. though appearing to be in his forties...he is really an extremely  ancient being.


He was not originally known as Ashtar but in the frequency-resonance of (Thomas: This is essential: ) ElesTronAntar-Ra-An, and also as Gabri-An, Sherna, Sher- An, and finally as Ashtar, after the world upon which he attained his Ascended Mastery. Ashtar should not be regarded as a 'space g--'....but as an extremely highly evolved Son of --d, a G-d Realized Being and Ascended Master. He works in service to this Universe through the auspices of Lord Metatron (El Shaddai), Lord Orion and the Councils of Orion, Lord Melchizedek and Lord Michael (as well as Those > aforementioned.) Lord Ashtar comes as an elder statesman and Ambassador from the Grea Central Sun Hierarchy and High Council of Melchizedek. He and his Council of the Solar Cross serves in coordinated union with the Councils of the Elohim and Mighty Mercury, The Great Divine Director, Sanat Kumara and the Lord Sathya Sai Baba. He is also a highly respected member of many other inter-galactic councils as a Melchizedek Elder andUniversal Statesman.


Accompanying Ashtar are the Celestials...the Divine and Angelic Individuals who serve the Lord God and Christ in administering the Divine keys and codes of Living Light and Living Sound unto this Universal sector. In the case of Earth, preparing her and her peoples for the lifting beyond the 666 code of involution and materialism, into the 999 code of Resurrected Life Eternal. Ashtar is a being of pure Light and pure Love, bearing a Spiritual message of the essential Divinity of all beings. As is the case with all great Masters!


Ashtar's energy flushes out negativity and brings unhealed issues to the surface to be reconciled.


His Command with membership in the multi-millions both within the fleet as well as upon Earth, has its detractors as well. There are those who saw Ashtar as an adversary when he upheld universal law in a position contrary to ones they had adopted.


There are ancient grievances and grudges which must still be forgiven, reconciled and put to rest if those ones wish to ascend into the fifth dimension. While this condition prevails only within the past and past-present time lines of the psychic-material planes beneath the fifth Kingdom of Soul, it must still be addressed. There was one rumor that Ashtar had an 'evil cousin' who created a lot of havoc...this was not a cousin of Ashtar's., but a deranged individual upon the inner planes who masqueraded as Ashtar and attempted to bring discredit to him and to the work of the Ashtar Command.


A few decades ago, ten of the many young cadets who are constantly being trained by the Ashtar Command...would-be commanders...defected. They could not measure up to the required discipline and were expelled from the program.


Feeling resentful and envious, they went forth on their own and created an astral duplicate of the Ashtar Command upon the lower planes closest to the Earth, and formed alliances with others of a similar rebellious nature.... several of whom were those who had sided against Ashtar in the past, due to his consistent upholding of Confederation policy. These are the very ones who often channel through astral sensitives, calling themselves Ashtar or other well known Commanders of the Ashtar Command such as Hatton, Korton, and others, even Sananda. For this very reason, some time ago, Ashtar said that he would not be opening any more channels who were incapable of, or inconsistent in, being able to be contacted from the level of Soul.


It is this impostor 'Ashtar Command' that is the source behind messages supposedly coming from 'Ashtar' and others of the Command that are so fear based...which threaten, chastise or promote paranoia and depict or 'prophecize' fearful scenarios of Earth's devastation, alien/government takeovers, the creation of concentration camps, carnivorous aliens, etc., all really horrific and terrifying.


The higher forces of Light will never promote fear, grievances or againstness, nor do they ever incite racial or religious discrimination. They are direct, to the point, practical, factual and totally honoring of your own intelligence and freedom of choice. They would never tell you to commit suicide, take drugs, renege on your responsibilities, desert your family, drop out of society, or live in an unbalanced, kooky manner. Nor do they ever influence their ground based representatives to start cults, follow some appointed 'leader' or give over your money, common sense or personal or spiritual authority to another... whether on Earth or in a ship somewhere. Recent events have shown how quickly fear can be aroused and another witch hunt generated out of mass paranoia and hysteria. It is crucial that all who would be associated with the Ascended Masters of the Ashtar Command live truly normal, grounded yet Spiritual lives of practical goodwill and useful community service. It takes very little to set back decades of positive hard work. Just a few neurotic and unbalanced individuals can delay and deter the vitally needed assistance of the higher forces.


Also, the members of the Command are not to be followed, idolized, worshipped or seen as other than elder brothers and sisters, fellow co-workers and servants of G--. The general rule of discernment reveals that the more advanced the individual, the less advice, directives, shoulds or should nots you will hear from that person. A Spiritually advanced person is FREE and places great value upon both their freedom as well as yours. In no way would they ever set themselves up as a guru or 'appointed' authority figure or attempt to control or manipulate you or influence your mind in any way. The very last thing a real Commander would ever want is people giving over their power and following them

like a bunch of mindless robots. The true emissary of the Ashtar Command shows a characteristic lack of concern with your personal affairs and what you choose to do in living your life. They will only offer feedback if requested directly. They will tell you to check your own guidance and follow your own Inner Master or Soul and NEVER will they demand that you follow them! By the way, for your information, in serving my Earth mission as Lady Athena, I am not privy to any special inside information either. I have not been appointed to offer critique or commentary upon the specific work, information or methodology of any of our personnel...or those who may claim to be associated with the Command...this is a matter for your personal discernment. I do not set myself up as an authority figure...please give that position only to your Divine Self. Due to the need for security at high strategic levels within the Command, we never publicly release dates nor reveal our specific plans and maneuvers. These are also strictly blocked from my mind both as a security safeguard as well as to prevent my mind from being tapped by any type of psychic probe.


If you are to serve the Command in some direct manner, there will be no doubt that you have stood before the High Council and accepted he responsibility for undertaking some specific task. The personal Spiritual discipline is very exacting and you will be left on your own immediately if you infringe anyone's free will, assume unauthorized status or authority, or start to play guru with people. The Spiritual energy will back off immediately and the ego will be left without a leg to hop on. If you contact any person on any level, including the matter who they may claim to be...if there is no love, reverence, respect and honoring of your free will, choice and preference....if they try to manipulate you to do anything by engendering fear, dependency upon them, or their 'techniques or technologies'.., attempt to ensnare you in expensive ongoing 'ascension' or other 'advanced' techniques or sessions, or should they threaten you in any manner whatsoever...... LEAVE IMMEDIATELY ....fort hat is not one working in the Higher Light. No such person could ever be a genuine member of the Ashtar Command. Always check out how you are feeling when reading any type of new age or extraterrestrial material. How do you feel after you have been in association with someone? If you feel irritated, uneasy, drained, devitalized or depressed in any way.., or if you suddenly start to use profanity, or feel cynical or full of doubt about positive things, or your self (and this is unusual for you) something was definitely 'off' with the energy field that you encountered... so become a Spiritual energy sleuth and see what you can track down and uncover. It is wise to ask for guidance before you read certain books or allow anyone to work with your precious consciousness.



Neither Ashtar nor any other Divine Master has any personal desires or personal life whatsoever; they live only as humble servants of the plan and tireless workers for the common good. They have transcended the human levels and weaknesses... and in the case of Ashtar...ages ago! Ashtar has evolved to the level where he can densify a semblance of a Human form if such is required of him.....however his natural appearance is more likely to be as a brilliant sphere of light, or as a brilliant lightbody in ethereal human 'outline'. Not much there to cuddle up to!


As you can surmise, much educating is necessary. We are depending upon our ground based representatives to increase humanity's understanding of the Spiritual Hierarchy, both planetary and celestial. Accurate information is greatly needed...not just through 'channeling'....but also by presenting intelligent, clear and informative talks and public presentations. Those of our personnel who have scientific training or are trained as educators would be especially well as those who are writers or working in some form of  the media. The topic of extraterrestrial Masters and the Ashtar Command needs to be presented...and one day hopefully accepted... in serious circles of scientific research and academic inquiry. Likewise, it is highly inappropriate for the Ascended Masters of the Ashtar Command and Our Most Radiant One, Lord Sananda to be associated in people's minds with the topics of abduction, implants, government cover ups, psychic phenomena and various new age gadgets, fads, fanfare, fantasies and falderal. Until the subject of more highly evolved life forms is more widely accepted and presented in a credible and respectful manner, you who serve on our behalf may be wiser to depart the arenas which do not add to your credibility nor enhance our Spiritual message and Mission .


In all respect and with deepest love I applaud the efforts of our beloved Starseed and encourage your wise participation and Spiritual discernment.






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